• Kantas Ι.
  • Katotomichelakis Μ.
  • Vafiadis Μ.
  • Kaloutsa Z.
  • Papadakis Ch.

Υπό κρίση για δημοσίευση στο περιοδικό Journal of Medical Case Reports.

Κλινική εργασία – case report.

Introduction: Cat Scratch Disease [CSD] is a self-limited infectious disease transmitted by young cats, where the principal causative factor is Bartonella Henselae. The typical course of CSD is usually benign and self-limited and requires only supportive therapy. On the other hand, cases lasting up to 2 years have been reported and more serious complications may occur. Many manifestations of the disease, in different specialties have been reported.

Case presentation: A CSD with an unusual clinical course, where serous otitis was combined with rotational vertigo due to labyrinthitis in a 71-year old Greek woman is presented. The invaded ear was ipsilateral to the inoculation site.

Conclusion: Cervicofacial lymphadenopathy was demonstrated as the most common

Otolaryngologic manifestation of CSD.

However, ENT manifestation from the middle and inner ear has never been reported so far. The purpose of this study is the presentation of a patient suffering from CSD with clinical signs and symptoms from the middle and inner ear.